How To Find Inspiration To Achieve Creative Photography – Photography is about the art of seeing.

We are all able to pick a camera up and press the button to take a picture, but we need to train ourselves to look for the out of the ordinary.

For some this this may come naturally but for other this may take some work but is within everyone’s reach.

How To Find Inspiration To Achieve Creative Photography.

  1. Relax and take in your surroundings. If you are uptight you will find it very hard to notice anything.
    • It normally takes me a couple of days to relax on holiday before the inspiration starts to flow.
  2. A camera is a camera, it doesn’t matter if you only have a smart phone available.
    • You can still be artistic with a smart phone and you can take some great photographs with them.
  3. Look for the abstract. Patterns and textures make great works of art.
    • Great abstracts can be.
      • Reflections.
      • Textures.
      • Water.
      • Rust.
      • Rocks / Stones.
  4. Think about your composition.
      • once you get in to the habit it come naturally and just happen.
  5. Don’t be afraid to crop.
  6. Do just look a the bigger picture, look for small subjects with in the image.
  7. Look for leading lines that draw your eye in to the image.
  8. Don’t be hard on yourself , Not every picture is going to be a good one.
  9. Keep it simple.
      • Not only does that mean the image but also your equipment. Don’t get bogged down with lots of equipment it doesn’t help.
  10. Most importantly enjoy your self.

How To Find Inspiration To Achieve Creative Photography Example.

The following image the boat was taken at West Bay, Bridport, UK.

I only had one wide angle lens with me as I wanted to travel lite.

How To Find Inspiration To Achieve Creative Photography.

How To Find Inspiration To Achieve Creative Photography.

This image was the wider shot, however I had already seen what I wanted to capture so cropped in to the image below.


9 Reasons To Use Your Camera In Manual

9 Reasons To Use Your Camera In Manual

This the cropped shot and has the following  composition tips:

  1. It’s simple. All of the distracting clutter in the first image has been removed by cropping.
  2. Impact from colour. The red against the white and brown makes the image pop.
  3. It has a leading line. The rope draws your eye through the rest of the image along with the triangle shape of the bench.
  4. It has interesting shapes and textures that compliment each other.

Great images are the simple ones.

The great photographs are simple ones. Keep it simple.




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