Juno Beach Nomandy

Juno Beach Normandy D-Day – The Heroes  Of D-Day

This image was taken at The Juno Beach Normandy D-Day Museum during a cycling holiday in August 2013. Juno Beach was one of five beaches during the Allied Invasion of Normandy on the 6th June 1944 marking the beginning of the end of  World War II. Juno Beach Normandy on D-Day was the responsibility of the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division and commandos of the Royal Marines. There were 1500 casualties during battle to take control of Juno Beach. This particular image was taken at The Juno Beach Memorial and Museum at Courseulles-sur-Mer, Normandy, France. Click Here For The Website Of  The Juno Beach Centre  http://www.junobeach.org/

Behind The Image.

I enjoy taking daytime long exposure images, This means exposure that can be one minute or longer in duration. I love the effect it gives particularly with clouds. To do this in normal daylight  I use a 10 stop neutral density filter, that in reality looks a bit like glass from a welders goggles. It blocks light from entering the lens allowing a long exposure.

I set my camera up on my tripod along with the 10 stop neutral density and a graduated neutral density filter.

I composed the image taking into account the 25 pounder artillery piece in the fore ground and the anti aircraft gun in the background.

As I was about to take the image and a Husband, Wife and their Children walked into the shot and started reading the plaques attached to The Artillery Piece, the long exposure has given them a ghostly and surreal appearance. Very humbling given the location.

The resulting image is below in both colour and converted to black and white.

Camera Settings

  • Nikon D800.
  • Nikor 18-35mm Lens @ 18mm.
  • F22.
  • ISO: 50.
  • Exposure: 2 Mins.
  • Lee Big Stopper Neutral Density Filter.
  • Cokin ND Graduated Filter.
  • Processed in Adobe Photoshop With Nik Software Colour Efx 4.

The Image

Juno Beach Normandy D-Day

The Spirits Of D-Day – In Colour

Juno Beach Normandy D-Day

The Spirits Of D-Day – Black And White