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Star Trails Photography – Moreton Bay

Star Trails Photography – We all look up into the sky at night and see the stars, we only look at them for a small space of time and do not notice the effect of the rotation of the Earth has on the position of the stars in the night sky.

In Start Trails Photography we use techniques to capture the light from the stars over a considerable amount of time, these techniques give us the arch seen in star images.

These best images are captured away from pollution caused by street and city lights.

The Image.

This image was taken at Ormiston in Queensland Australia. During a Star Trails Photography Workshop. Ormiston is a suburb just South East Of Brisbane. This image was taken with the camera pointing in a Northerly Direction, The lights just on the horizon are from The Port Of Brisbane at the mouth of the Brisbane River. The aim of the shot was to capture Star trails but also retain some come in the sky.


  • The camera was placed on a tripod and the image composed before sunset.
  • The focus was achieved and the camera was switched to manual focus.
  • A cable release was used during the shoot.
  • The image was taken using multiple 1 minute exposures over the space of about an hour.
  • Layer in Photoshop Using The Lighten Blending Mode Technique.


  • Camera: Nikon D800.
  • Lens: Nikor 18-35mm.
  • Iso: 100.
  • White Balance: Cloudy.
  • Exposure: Multiple 1 min exposures in Bulb Mode Taken Over The Space Of An Hour.

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He takes pride on passing on the art of photography to all levels in an easy to understand, cheerful and helpful manner. He has over 15 years Photography experiance and has a considerable amount of experience running Photography Courses.  He is also the organiser of the The Brisbane Photography Meetup Group which currently has over 500 members.

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