Learnt So Much. I had no idea it can be so simple – Once you explained it all. Thanks So Much – Lorraine – Brisbane. read more →

Made the setting make more sense. Thank you Gary Sutton. read more →

So clearly explained – Now it makes more sense. Thank You. Angela – Brisbane. read more →

It Was great to have Colin decipher the camera manual for us to de-mystify how you can use your camera effectively and turn your back on manual mode forever. Thanks Cheryl – Brisbane. read more →

A helpful workshop. He is able to explain all concepts in an easy to understand manner. Thanks So Much Again. Lauren – Brisbane. read more →

I learnt a lot and now feel comfortable using my camera in manual mode. My camera will never be in Auto again. Thanks For The Great Session. Jen – Brisbane. read more →

Thanks It was great. I learnt a lot about my camera. Looking forward to doing another course. Lots of practical. Barbi – Brisbane.   About Your Tutor Colin Smith He takes pride on passing on the art of photography to all levels in an easy to understand, cheerful and helpful manner. He has over 15.. read more →

This course starts at the very beginning, which was awesome. A great start to a complex bit of kit. Suzie – Brisbane. read more →